PCB Repairs

During the life cycle of long life PCB designs all types of physical damage can occur. InvisiTech will repair all of these problems to a standard that will satisfy the fussiest customer and last the expected life of the PCB at a cost that is economical.

InvisiTech repair solutions for:

  • Lifted pads and tracks
  • Warp and Twist
  • Delaminations
  • Broken laminate and metal-work
  • Worn/damaged gold contacts
  • Burns including multi-layer
  • Repairs to torn and damaged flexi circuits 


The Ultimate Solution Provider Solves all issues related to mechanical damage.

Your Car worth (£15,000) gets damaged

What do you do?

Get a quote - then repair it

Your PCB worth (£15,000) gets damaged

What do you do?

Bin it as its beyond economic repair (BER)

Why BER - before knowing the repair costs?

InvisiTech give FREE quotes for all work that contains no feasibility study

Pad and track repairs



Warp and twist repairs


Broken laminate


Worn and damaged gold contacts


Delamination      After repair

M/L burn            After repair


For a Quotation... e-mail photos, gerber details and all available documentation to sales@invisitech.co.uk

Infinite solutions from InvisiTech -

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